anyone been or from the rhode island area?
i know i’ll be near Mass, NY, New Hampshire, Connecticut. 
[march 30th - april something]

where should i go, what should i visit? are there any short waterfall hikes and hidden places? best food spot? anyone want to meet up!?

Athena. hella photogenic.

any. and every one. has the capacity to grow in betterment. -not change, but to be better. a denial of any and all mistakes, regrets, what if’s and should’ve’s is the lack of intellectual humility. the frame of time is various, however prevalent, the length of that time is hubris. it’s not about: i’m better than you or you’re better than me. it’s about: being better than who I was a second ago. and understanding- holding judgement and intangible profiles of persons as if: we don’t have lives. we, all, don’t have problems. is unawareness and inexperience. it’s ignorance. there’s none, such a thing as “growing out of it” or epiphanies, it’s the actuality of fear. how we are perceived, becomes cyclic into the self perceiving others into said profiles and others profiling us, and us creating profiles of our own. people are always reshaped, refined, revised, remodeled, and some have yet to, but that doesn’t make your tongue judge nor your eyes jury. nor mine. it’s as if holding onto a glass of water. at first light. the longer we hold it, the heavier it gets. nothing has changed. it’s the same glass of water. so drink it. toss it. re-fill it. share it. set it down.

it’s an opportunity, not a burden. 
just as everyone has something to contribute. their good, bad, and ugly. what i should emulate, never emulate, or alter from their experience.

Athena, looking like she came out of a pokeball

Athena, looking like she came out of a pokeball



caught in the covers,
under your skiiin- iii-
just want to make you feel
something real again

Meet Athena.

I’ve yet to meet anyone strong enough to write about,
they’re all broken.

Free & Lonely

when I was free
when I was free,
free to be who I want to be,
free to not care. 

Jenkinson Falls. 

Jenkinson Falls.