I want to write a collaborative book of different perspectives regarding ‘Young Love’, titled:

'Young Love.


A lesson moreover that I wished I was taught or to be well aware of while I myself was young. They won’t listen, they never will, because i didnt; but those lessons that i ignored saved me when i was ignored. And The ill of this very saying “follow your heart” has been misinterpreted into the very/vary destruction of ‘personal’ evolution.

The very first lesson:
“Why go through all these emotions, just to ‘feel’ one: love(d)”
Then maybe short and sound rebuttals and/or agreements from others.

A collective who can look back and make their experiences lessons from the past, that they live present, and help make decisions for the future. Because whose to say one perspective is the sole perspective. This might be a good or bad idea.

she drinks a cup full of jealous. loves to- stand in a crowd of: 9 to 5’s. she eats off a plate of vengeance. the- leftovers. "when are you going to grow- up!?"she points the accusation at everyone else. - this bitch. she drinks a cup full of envious. turned the age of twenty-five. 
don’t understand why she hasn’t aged from the age of sixteen. it’s like she still wears ‘forever 21’. it’s like she still wears forever-21. 

she drinks a cup full of jealous
loves to- stand in a crowd of: 9 to 5’s
she eats off a plate of vengeance.
the- leftovers

"when are you going to grow- up!?"

she points the accusation at everyone else. 
- this bitch
she drinks a cup full of envious. 
turned the age of twenty-five. 

don’t understand why she hasn’t aged
from the age of sixteen.
it’s like she still wears ‘forever 21’. 
it’s like she still wears forever-21. 

those are difficult lips
and a road; i want to lead home. 
the kind of smile with kind eases
but the stress of you not wanting anything to do nothing with-
something without. 
you know me well, but it’s not like you care to know me- ill
what. the. hell. 

- kayleb

forbidden fruit of your rose -garden. 
seeds to your blossom. i’m guardian.
an apple of seduction, eyes- they garnish.

the eve to your giving. thanks; adam-
giving away nerves of nests. nervous
sin- not to be able to weather thorns. 

the motion in e-motion, is that storm. 

rose gardens. red.
violet hills. blue
colo(u)r without you
might as well be collars. 

forbidden speech. 
is the absence of action. 
forbidden fruit.
might as well be a table vegetate. 
as we feast on the meets
of guests/guesses uninvited

untitled by kayleb

i enjoy your lips.

but the words created from within,
the judgements, the prejudice, the discrimination;
couldn’t mask the pleasure
before hatred. 

it was like fucking ignorance.
and i was getting stupider with every sex-cond

any. and every one. has the capacity to grow in betterment. -not change, but to be better. a denial of any and all mistakes, regrets, what if’s and should’ve’s is the lack of intellectual humility. the frame of time is various, however prevalent, the length of that time is hubris. it’s not about: i’m better than you or you’re better than me. it’s about: being better than who I was a second ago. and understanding- holding judgement and intangible profiles of persons as if: we don’t have lives. we, all, don’t have problems. is unawareness and inexperience. it’s ignorance. there’s none, such a thing as “growing out of it” or epiphanies, it’s the actuality of fear. how we are perceived, becomes cyclic into the self perceiving others into said profiles and others profiling us, and us creating profiles of our own. people are always reshaped, refined, revised, remodeled, and some have yet to, but that doesn’t make your tongue judge nor your eyes jury. nor mine. it’s as if holding onto a glass of water. at first light. the longer we hold it, the heavier it gets. nothing has changed. it’s the same glass of water. so drink it. toss it. re-fill it. share it. set it down.

it’s an opportunity, not a burden. 
just as everyone has something to contribute. their good, bad, and ugly. what i should emulate, never emulate, or alter from their experience.

i dislike broken promises and people who say yes just to say yes. people who lack the ability to make a simple commitment or complete a simple request. who put things off, or ignore your instructions because they want to do it their way, until in the end it fucks up- the fuck is wrong with people. unreliable.