it’s okay- to be honest. the quivers. quite- american, beauty. it’s okay to be self- centered. as long as you’re within. win- there’s nothing to lose here. you have -but nothing to gain. nude- emotions. and motion in com(motion), com(e). -cum and. come. home- to where the heart wants to be. rome- let’s build this in a day. poems- write i’s, hi’s, and haiku’s in betweens. sheets. beds. skirts. legs. lotus. gardens and guardian. ‘i want to fuck you.’ it’s okay to be honest. 

she’s- a certain taste. laced- lingering, longing, and lingual. the kind you need to fall for-young. the young you remember in old- but not age- but old fashioned. taught- to be a gentle[men] among men, a man upon a- wo[man]. it only happens once. and it’s timing. the kind of story for grandchildren. she’s that kind. kind -hearted. kindred. garden. an Eve -of new years- she’s your resolution. the mistake that was meant to be made. a reminder remainder of what it means to be him/hymn for hers. to treat todays’ with presence -not presents, which makes tomorrow a given

- kayleb

Anonymous asked:

what are your thoughts on crossfit or any of the fitness programs out there such as p90x, insanity, and focus t25?

damn- i feel rude. i usually answer all questions. this must’ve been when i was overseas

the basics are always the best. these programs are… just programs. i keep it basic but i let my body tell me what to do. i don’t do crossfit, i don’t do p90x, new knowledge is good, but fitness fads- they don’t do much. if you want to be fit, it’s about working out for the rest of your life. fitness programs are that- temporary progress

i have a simple and not so simple outlook: Eat Smart. Train Smart
it’s not eat right, eat healthy. eat smart: everything in moderation. everything has it’s good and bad, learn how to use it to your advantage. i’m a carnivore, i love meat, i barely eat greens. every body is different in terms of their reactions to foods, so you have to understand yours. 
train smart: you don’t have to train hard, you train under the basics and try different things, you’ll find which workouts work best for you. it doesn’t matter if you lift heavy or small. whatever’s smart for your body. 

there’s a science to fitness, anatomy, and nutrition. fuck bro-science. there’s actual science. you’ll notice you’ll be stronger, look better, work more efficiently than others, when you eat smart, and train smart

if you want a plan i’ll be happy to work with you- i know this is a late response but yeahs.

i am a short 5’5.5” (point 5 haha)- 166 lbs, but i literally look 140. Muscle is heavier than fat. i squat, lift, bench, deadlift, over twice my weight. more than that. i don’t look like a balloon. i am lean. (that’s my goal). lines- everywhere is the goal. however, i’m also flexible and fast. so it’s all on your goals. i’m training for an apocalypse and in hopes, when i’m 60/70 i’ll be the hottest oldfuck around. get them 50 year old cougars wet. hahaha jk jk. 

Anonymous asked:

how do i become a better writer?

this- will go with anything and everything, not just writing- ok. 

find writers, stories, and people that challenge you. don’t friend things because you ‘like' it or the face of it. most people that challenge you- are more humble than you think- they do it out of seeing your potential. i see so many, ’she’s pretty-’ so whatever she ‘creates’ no matter how mediocre becomes above average than it actually is. how does it teach you, how does it challenge you, how does it make you a better person- or are you comfortable agreeing with that piece of work, piece of effort because of it’s ‘creator’. it’s a term, back in the service, where we call it, ‘dick-riding’. we’re always expected to become better, to always do something that motivates or challenge others to become better versions of themselves, and you yourself a better version of yourself, because let’s say you change, well you’ve always been trying to become better- while those who output the usual, one change- and they’re different. they have become comfortable with your usual and average output, where one day you decide to challenge and change- they’re not comfortable with that. the mainstream is: common work. mainstream- it’s the main thing out there, the average of all work- is average work. if all great work was out there- people will be scrambling because nothing will be alike to like

write everyday. and read what you wrote. has anything changed? is it teaching YOU anything. if you want to be original, refrain from other writers, but that’s a personal opinion. don’t find influence. i tend to try to find writers that challenge me, that make me- wow. speechless, or makes me what to be outspoken. read things you don’t usual read- people, stories, write when you’re not in your comfort zone. never write when you’re bored, emotional, or ecstatic. write, when it’s inconvenient. do the write thing, even when no one’s looking. what is writing to you- define that, remind yourself- why you write, my writing- is to personally teach me and teach others. it’s language, i want it to tell a story lifetimes away. some people write because it’s a different world to them. find your reason for words. don’t write because “it’s cool”. but to be better, is to be better yourself. how do you become a better writer, when you don’t become better


sex isn’t just clothes off and fuck. sex is an experience
it should be an experience, every. fucking. time. 

the room filled with the bass of rhythm and blues, with drums and pianos- with falsettos and soul singers. because in that very moment- your focus is the feel of my heartbeat, you come in closer- just to hear me breathe. the musics’ there to take us into our world. the simple act of me taking my palms and drawing them upon your neck, becomes the most sensual thing in that very moment. shivers

where the act of taking off attire, becomes intimate- as to what you’re hiding. there’s nothing wrong with being racy and taking it back high school backseat of the car or in the dressing room. but if sex isn’t an experience, if every moment you give your body isn’t an experience- you deserve to let your body discover the intimacy of what sex truly is. it is not the fantasy of improper affairs, it is not the act of being- naughty. it is- sharing your body’s touch against anothers’ you trust. one moment should be candles, another should be your very own slow jams, another should be massages, another a intimate tease. 

we’re living in a [sense]less perception of sex. as long as i get off. as long as i get wet. but what about your whole essence- your whole body to be taken into ecstasy. where each touch becomes you getting off- where your spirit and mind fucked. that’s sex

but i guess everyone just likes fucking

poetry is: i’m fucking you into midnight conversations are- intimate and private. mates and privilege. they’re the place you can become: bare. it’s the place where you: trust and vulnerable. i want you to have selfish lips. and selfish hips. because every inch of yours should start with self-. so be- selfish.

poetry is: making something blunt and straightforward sound quite the gentlemen. i’m going to slap your ass while i bend you over. -sounds more demanding yet appealing, while: your back arches and silhouettes the moons kiss, the applaud of your butt-cheeks through my palms- midnight becomes our audience- midnight conversations are- intimate and private.

It’ll be good for my daughter.

all these ‘kind of men- all the same’- all this informality. It’ll weed and narrow down what’s truly good for her, because if every man was a gentlemen- that scares me. if every man was a good man. how many times will she fall in love only to end up alone. I want her to be lone, but I know she’ll grow strong. she doesn’t need nor care for name callings or labels. She wouldn’t surround herself with ill characters she needs to right it. rare- should be a good man and woman. she’ll understand ‘because I’m/you’re female’- that’s how the world works. Because he or she’s black. Because he or she’s Asian. Because he or she’s short. Because he or she’s too young. EVERYONE- is treated unequal. white people blamed for white collars- or their forefathers. We all take advantage of our privileges- but any inch of inequality we raise voices when it doesn’t benefit. But-

she’ll understand, because she’ll be my daughter, her mother’s daughter- not the fucking worlds’. It’ll be good for her, too see all this ill, it’ll be easier to read the unworthy. the more diverse the circle the better. that’s who you trust. I wouldn’t set her up for failure.

I- we- all but time to truly father our sons and daughters. We- all have the opportunity nurture our natures to mother our sons and fathers. Yet we’re too worried about others’ childrens. We ignore our own- inners.

forbidden fruit.

-in your garden- rosen. the apple to your eve’s are chocked in my lips. the words’ in my throat -adam’s apple. take a bite, take down- a write. bed me- with your nurtured. mother nature’s. let me go down- to earth. let me- go down to earth. explore the seven seas, more- your o’ceans. whisper-your-holds-on-me. take-control-of-me. tell-me-how-you-want-me-to-plant-my-seeds. show me- how to father time. rather rhymes. rhythm in your lines. form- mality, play fore’s.

so five- the palms exchange hips as we go-
high. skies. cloud nines.
back down to six. to nine.
it’s seven o’- o’ clock- on the dot. cruising the streets.
we’re back at eight -ate nine.

forbidden fucks—-

it’s not part of the missionary.

Tumblr should

Do a separate button (like on the bottom right, where you can: Like, ReBelog- for said received notes.) It’ll be: Likes. Reblogs. Replies. All the likes reblogs and replies separate. You still can reblog with a reply, cause some of the banters are hilarious, but have a separate hyperlink for said idea. All the replies in one spot, and reply to a reply can be separate (come to think of it,I guess that’ll make it like reddits response system. Which I think is OCD cleaner, but reddits look is just.. unappealing). And said ReBlogger has how many reblogs from its reblogs. Example: TumblrAddict reblogged Text Post (23 Likes. 45 ReBlogs) because of TumblrAddict decided to reblog that post.

i appreciate any and every one who ‘follow’ed me because of one-mic; in truth i’m not a heavy follower- (i follow less than 50 blogs- I want to be able to -read and see- every post) i tend to have stints where i post a lot in a few days, go about my weeks (not posting)- repeat. i do have random day(s) off where i go through my follower readers’ list and peep their blogs public ‘e(arts). (remove the h so it’s not he -art; he- haha that gender equality shit? jk)

note- my current ‘followers’ list- i tend to try to connect to them on a personal level (which is why its’ such a small following) in their own writings, pictures, music tastes, posts- isn’t that what the follow button is for. but i’m not like an everyday message you friend haha, if we converse- then i’ll throw on some chuck taylors’ myself! and we can tribe called quest kick it- like fresh kicks- a.k.a. c o n v e r s etalk about the black-n-whites, a bit of design- a bit of detail in the souls of our soles. walk in each other shoes- i wear size: casual-formal, but i like aldo’s though-too-though. not a sneaker-head, but a(head), a good-head on my shoulders. mind-fucking-head good, you’d have thought we was in ‘69! THAT- fucking good. ‘69, classic- 69, sex. get it? haha. sixty-nine, haha. that’s funny.  

anyways. since you all trusted one-mic's suggestion, i'm humbled by your trust. current and past readers. i like to stay in my corner of the world, but if you’re here to follow writes/rights- i’m going to have to bill you. clinton that is. haha 69 joke. joke, joke. but seriously, when i get the opportunity, and if i find a written ‘e(art)s that I like (i’m very selective- i won’t lie). you’ll know

thank you, apologies if you believe you’ll find something remotely interesting on this channel. i’m like an AMC subscription. after waving through all the re-blog-run channels, sports, HBO’s- those nipple slips and sex clips, comic comedy centrals, the so-called ‘reality shows’, and food and family blogs shows. i’ll have something good- once in awhile. but i’ll make sure- it’s mind-fucking-good. 

- kayleb

tech-gen. we’re the youngest generation, but in truth we’ve made it the farthest. upsetting to perceive, but we currently live in a time of less wars, less poverty, and the highest population gross. there’s a lot of judgement going on, about the younger generation- technology and the lack of activity, the lack of communication- homestly- who the fuck cares. i’ve learned through the years, what makes ‘perfect’- oh there’s perfect all-right- it’s always improving. perfect doesn’t go from 0 -1, no it keeps going and going and going. perfect = improving. we’re in a generation of learners and earners. we make our mistakes fairly young. very young. vary young. we learn and earn to become better people. in the past, we use to fight with our fists, today, we still do, but we also fight with our spirit and our intellectual property. everything in moderation. the natural order of things, is to allow ignorance to eliminate itself. it’s like karma, but we’re just helping it a bit, give it a bit of a push. who cares what anyone says that this generation is stuck in it’s screens, it lacks communication. i can still talk to a person face to face, what’s ever better, i can talk to someone halfway across the globe and send some motha fuckin’ understanding. my ‘circles’ small, but its’ not ignorant of benefit. i have information in the palms of my hands- and i’m going to use it. there is one thing however, yes, many fall into consumption versus moderation. we should learn to manually live. we should also learn to appreciate the automatics. technology is here, let’s move forward with it, but not forget skills outside of it. (i’ve been stuck in a desert for over 7 months- trust me- there’s no service, no automatic access, so you have to learn to manually operate.) if someone says our generation is losing sense/cents inside dollar bills and thrills, i’d say, you must be one of them. allow ignorance to eliminate itself- i have an hour limit to play candy crush before i got to go back to studying. i’m not lost in my fingertips and palms, reading me wrong. i’m post- post is after. i’m post- studying and learning. complaining about over -usages; well update your service plan if you’re tired of paying- attention. 

i should turn this into a piece later. right now i’m just… blurping

In the American Culture, Asians are viewed less than Women, less than the LGBT community, less than children, and less than our elders- whom are viewed less than Blacks. Blacks are viewed more than Women, LGBT, etc. While everyone is viewed less than Whites (White Collar folks, not country-white ironically no one thinks about country -caucasians, or that europeans are caucasians, yet are considered immigrants or a different white, so why are people so mad at skin color, gender, age- dude- we’re all discriminated). Yet- I’ve notice Asians don’t be tripping about it- it’s like: whatever, leave us alone. working. i’m studying. learn quantum theory or making some dance choreography on the side, while at night at mom’s restaurant, dry cleaning, or nail salon running errands. We’re not in media, we’re not even in people’s statistics, it’s Black, White, vs Latino. I mean, I’m not trying to sound like an Angry Asian ‘cause I’m not angry. I’m actually happy we’re not even considered, because essentially, we’ll be happy to get paid 8 cents an hour as long as it feeds the family, and we’ll put our young to college, even if we can’t go to college, we’ll do it for our young. We clean up after protests bro. It’s simple, we don’t view it as, damn, we’re segregated even from the media and in the real world- we see us as you- as we- we don’t fight for other Asians- we fight for each other. Has a mama-san ever treated you any different? Good food, good pedicure, good women, good men. Yo, fight for each other. each. other. 

the word honest should be spelled homest, and pronouced ‘om-mest’- but i guess honest, is closer to honor than homest would and could be to home. but homest should be that close to home. honor means to have high respects just as with someone’s honesty. i like the idea, of homest, being so close to home. home sweet home. home-boy. home- front. home-room. home-school.

'cause home should be closer to homest than having the honor to. 
it’s much ‘cooler’ to say “this my homest, my homie. home. my trust. thee homest.

homest. it’s home. the t[ruths]’ a bit [ruth] -less. and ruth- homonym - roof. it’s shelter. you need the truth. it may be rough- but it’s proof. how someone homest- is home. a friend. rome- wasn’t built in a day. neither home sweet. but it makes it that much -sweeter, if you can trust it being sour- that mean it’s our(s). all this faith. faith = t. t symbol for cross, but t, [t]ruths! boom. is the fath that, yes it: h u r t s. but it’s better from home than someone fool/full. full of themselves, they’re: fool. full/fool. Homest is better as honest, cause honest is like honor, which can be spelled honour. Ours? Honor should be self-sufficient. Self. No one should be able to break your honor. (or). Oh. hon(or). So literally we should Oxford the word Honest into Homest. 
It’s the homest thing to do-

- kayleb